Pery’s Bingo Online Terms and Conditions

Purchase of Tickets

  1. The purchase of bingo tickets is available to players in the Republic of Ireland only. Residents of the U.S.A are prohibited from using Pery’s Bingo Online services.
  2. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure tickets are printed legibly with full game and date.
  3. Ticket sales close at 6pm on the day of the session.
  4. In the event that tickets are purchased after the deadline, then these purchased tickets will be valid for the same session the following week.

Pery’s Online Game Play

6. Prior to the start of Pery’s online bingo, players must check that they have the correct bingo tickets for that session and that the paper tickets are complete and undamaged with the date and ticket number legibly printed.
7. Prior to the start of each game, players are advised which section is in play and which line, lines, or other combinations must be completed to win.
8. The Caller selects, by operating a random number generator, a number within the permutation of the card in play and announces each number as selected. The number is deemed to have been called immediately when the Caller commences to speak, whether he/she begins with words descriptive of the number or simply announces the figure or figures of the number.
9. If the number called is printed on the line or one of the lines in play, the players concerned mark that number, while leaving the number sufficiently legible to be easily checked beyond dispute.
10. The numbers called are shown on an indicator board. In the event of a discrepancy between a number or numbers announced by the Caller and those shown on the indicator board, then the number shown on the display on the random number generator shall prevail.
11. The first person who marks off all numbers on the line or lines or other combination in play must unmute themselves and call out, “check” before the next number is called. In the event that the player with the winning combination fails to call “check” then the Caller will validate the win and the win will be dealt with when the session ends.
12. The player claiming a prize must produce his/her book or card details for inspection by email. If he/she fails to produce these documents, he/she shall forfeit his/her right to any prize.
13. Should more than one player be entitled to call, claiming a prize, and does so in accordance with these Rules, then the prize money for the game in question shall be equally divided among the winners of that game. In the event of the prize consisting, in whole or part, of a non-monetary prize this shall be carried forward to another separate game or be the subject of a play-off or be substituted by a cash alternative at the discretion of the organisation’s senior management.
14. Where more than one game is played on the same card, for example 2 lines across leading to a full house, the second of the games cannot be won until the first has been completed and at least one further number called.
15. In the event of an equipment breakdown, which prohibits the playing of a game, or the continuation of a game in progress, all numbers called shall stand while the game is continued on another form of equipment or there has been an alternative resolution.
16. Certain special games may have different rules of play to normal and these will be displayed separately.
17. In the unlikely event of duplicate tickets being issued, the prize money for that game will be “shared” between the winners.

Pery’s Pongo Online

18. The Pery’s Pongo Online normal layout is one sheet showing three panels.
19. Each of the three panels have the same set of sixteen numbers.
20. The colour of each column is written on the panel top.
21. So for example “yellow 2, red 6” and so on are called.
22. The win is for a full house, that is the entire sixteen numbers on the panel
23. Full house prize money is won for each of the three games.
24. When the player checks please unmute and call loud and clear “check”.
25. The caller will give the players plenty of time to check.
26. If the player misses a check do not worry because Pery’s will validate it and the player will have plenty of time to claim it.
27. To claim prize money follow the instructions on the books delivery email.
28. Maximum number of tickets on sale for Pery’s Pongo Online is limited to eight hundred (800).
29. Pongo tickets are sold on a first come first served basis.


30. The online bingo jackpot starts at a default amount. The default amount will change from time to time. The jackpot can be won by checking within a pre specified number of calls. This number increases and the amount of jackpot money to be won increases from time to time until the jackpot is won.
31. In the event that the jackpot is terminated for any reason, the jackpot amount at the time of termination will be added to a subsequent special bingo game which will be played for at an advertised time.
32. Promotions and special offers do not apply to the Jackpot sheet.
33. The format of the jackpot game can vary from time to time, in this event Pery’s will advertise any changes in advance of the game.

Pery’s HI/LO, Feature Games or Promo Games.

34. Bingo games may be played where a check on a bingo panel qualifies the player to play a Pery’s Feature game. The Feature game may present the opportunity to win additional prizes.
35. When a player checks on the panel that qualifys he or she to play the feature game then the particular rules of that feature game will apply. These rules will be posted and also explained to the player. The player will go on to win or lose on the Feature game. The original sum won on the qualifying bingo game check will stand for the player regardless of the outcome of the Feature game played.
36. In the event that there is a split claim on that qualifying winning bingo panel, the player with the highest number on their winning perm will go through to play the Feature game.
37. If there continues to be a dead heat or draw for any reason, the player with the lowest number on their perm will go through to the feature game and so on to arrive at just one player for the Pery’s Feature game.
38. In the event that there is no live check on the bingo game to establish the feature game player, then the winner will be identified and play Pery’s Feature game on the following week. Therefore the Pery’s Feature game will be played twice the next week.
39. For games such as Pery’s Team Bingo, in the event of a dead heat, then a draw(s) will take place in order to award one single team as the winner.


40. To claim a prize, the winner must email with the following details:
A. picture of winning ticket
B. date of game
C. page number and colour
D. panel number
E. amount won
F. game description of Line, 2 Lines, Full House or jackpot.
G. Bank account name
H. IBAN of account

41. In the event of a missed claim by a winner for any reason, please email with the details required in point 6) to promptly.
42. Pery’s will make every effort to identify and contact the winner. In the event that the winner remains unidentified or has failed to claim the prize then the unclaimed prize will be added to the same game at a subsequent later time.
43. Once winnings are validated and paid no further claims will be entertained.
44. Validated winnings will be treated as final closure of the game.
45. Pery’s will make its best efforts to pay all prize monies due within 48 hours of a valid winner claim. Please note that your bank may take longer than normal to process a payment and have several reasons for so doing.


46. In the event of a misunderstanding or disagreement then management’s will decision will be based on the rules.
47. In the event of an unresolved dispute then that dispute will be arbitrated by a suitable board of good standing. This board will be called the “Mediation Board”. The members of this board may change from time to time. The Mediation board will be made up of at least two senior executives of the business. The board members will not have had a part in the dispute up to the time of the mediation.
48. Pery’s has the right to exclude any person from playing.
49. Pery’s does not accept liability for any loss whatsoever, real or imaginary.
50. It is the players responsibility to provide all details requested to play games and claim winnings.
51. By participating in a session, the player accepts responsibility for all his or her actions and communications.

Play Responsibly

52. Pery’s operates a policy where participants must be 18 years or older.
53. Pery’s operates a policy of Play Responsibly. When the fun stops stop. In the event that you find your gambling is detrimentally affecting your life you may need to seek help from Gamblers Anonymous, other appropriate support organisations or stop and take stock of your activities and behaviour.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

54. The organisation will comply with GDPR requirements.
55. The Data protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted on
56. Data is collected for your safety, to enhance the service provided to you and provide periodic information of offers or news from Pery’s and it’s organisation.
57. Data will be retained according to statute and otherwise deleted when deemed dormant.
58. You can withdraw by opting out or you can send a request to Pery’s to opt out of any aspect of the organisations communications.
59. In participating in an online session your identity may be available online thereby allowing your friends to see and hear you and chat if the opportunity arises between games. Please be mindful not to use language or signs that could be regarded as offensive to others.

Code of Conduct.

60. Pery’s code of conduct is in place to make everyone’s experience enjoyable and fun.
61. Pery’s will make every effort to mediate in order to resolve any issues.
62. In the event that Pery’s deems that behaviour or actions are not in keeping with Pery’s code of conduct and it’s other guidelines Pery’s may, depending on the seriousness of the issue take action up to and including permanent exclusion. Pery’s reserves the right to take any further action it deems necessary.
63. Examples of unacceptable behaviour are but not exclusive to the following, cursing, swearing, threats, innuendo, libel, slander, derogatory slurs, lewd or rude gestures or images.
64. The code of conduct is based on mutual respect for everyone.

This section of Pery’s code of conduct is to assist in everyone enjoying the session

65. When conversing on air, speak on topics directly related to the evening’s session.
66. Avoid any personal remarks, inuendo, foul language or behaviour.
67. During the game take care to keep your audio muted until you have a check.
68. Remember to mute your audio when you have completed your check.
69. Speak loud enough to be heard but not so loud as to shout.
70. Above all have an enjoyable bingo session with lots of luck at Pery’s.


Internet gaming may be illegal in certain jurisdictions.

It is the cardholders personal responsibility to know the laws in their own country.

Returns Policy

  1. In the event that you purchase tickets which you did not intend to purchase, the option to adjust, refund or exchange your purchase is available to you, subject to point 3 below.
  1. In the event you cannot use your purchased tickets due to unforeseen circumstances, the option to adjust, refund or exchange is available to you subject to point 3 below. 
  1. Please make any ticket adjustment/refund/exchange requests by 5pm on the day of the session directly to .
  1. Your normal consumer rights are not affected by this returns policy.

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