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Pery’s Bingo Online

1. Before the start of Pery’s Bingo Online session, check that you have the correct tickets for that session and that the
tickets are printed complete, undamaged, with the correct date and ticket number legible.
2. At the start of each game, Pery’s caller will announce the game or section that is in play and which line, lines, or other
combinations must be completed to win.
3. The Caller selects, by operating a random number generator, a number within the permutation of the card in play and
announces each number as selected. The number is deemed to have been called immediately when the Caller
commences to speak, whether he/she begins with words descriptive of the number or simply announces the figure or
figures of the number.
4. If the number called is printed on the panel in play, the players mark that number on their panel, while leaving the number
sufficiently legible to be easily checked beyond dispute.
5. The player continues marking their panel with the objective of marking all the numbers on 1 line first then 2 lines and
finally the entire panel, a full house. Prizes are awarded for achieving these goals. From time to time these goals may
vary and if so the changes will be advertised and announced by Pery’s Caller.
6. The numbers called are shown on an indicator board. In the event of a discrepancy between a number or numbers
announced by the Caller and those shown on the indicator board, then the number shown on the display of the
random number generator shall prevail.
7. The first player who marks off all numbers on a line or lines, house or other combination in play must unmute
themselves and call out, “check” before the next number is called. In the event that the player with the winning
combination fails to call “check” then the Caller will validate the win and Pery’s will make every effort to identify the
valid winner after the session.
8. The winning player of a prize must submit all information requested as per the email instructions on the Pery’s 2nd
email received by the player. The transaction can not be completed until all this information is forwarded to Pery’s
by the player.
9. Should more than one player make a valid check, claiming a prize, then the prize money for the game in question shall be equally divided among the winners of that game. In the event of the prize consisting, in whole or part, of a non-monetary prize this shall be carried forward to another separate game or be the subject of a play-off or be substituted by a cash alternative at the discretion of the Pery’s senior management.
10. Where more than one game is played on the same card, for example 2 lines across leading to a full house, the second of the games cannot be won until the first has been completed and at least one further number called.
11. In the event of a breakdown of a technical or of any other nature that is outside the control of Pery’s to immediately rectify, which prohibits the playing of a game, or the continuation of a game, Pery’s will proceed with one or a combinations of the following resolutions; a. all numbers called shall stand while the game is continued on another format or equipment. b. If it is not possible to continue the game, then that game will be voided and a replacement game will be played where all values revert to zero or an equal starting baseline for all players. c. Players may be refunded their game or panel purchase value or credit in lieu of same.
12. Certain special games may have different rules of play to normal and these will be displayed separately.
13. In the unlikely event of duplicate tickets being issued, the prize money for that game will be “shared” between the winners.


1. Pery’s Jackpot is played usually on a designated Jackpot page. It is usually purchased separately and played after
the main bingo game.
2. The Jackpot game commences at a default win amount. It also commences at a default number of calls.
3. The Jackpot can be won by checking within the pre specified number of calls. This specified number may increase and
the amount of Jackpot money to be won may increase from time to time until the Jackpot is won.
4. In the event that the Jackpot is terminated for any reason, the Jackpot amount at the time of termination will be added
to a subsequent special game which will be played for at an advertised time.
5. Promotions and special offers do not apply to the Jackpot game.
6. The format of the Jackpot game can vary from time to time, in this event Pery’s will advertise any changes in advance
of the game.