Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to print out my books?

Yes, print out your books in advance of the session.

When will I get my books?

Books are downloadable from your personal dashboard as soon as you have purchased them.

Deadline for purchasing is at 5:30pm on the day of the session.

How do I purchase books?

  • Go to
  • Set up or log into your account.
  • When you have purchased you will get a confirmation email immediately.
  • Your books will be downloadable from your personal dashboard.

How do I play bingo?

It is just like normal live bingo in a venue. You play for a line first on a panel. The first person to mark off five numbers on a line is the winner having called “check”. The game then continues for the 2 Lines in one panel, and finally the Full House where the first person to mark off all 15 numbers in the panel wins. T’s & C’s are posted Pery’s website may help you too.

How do I play online?

It’s very easy. Instructions on how to join online will be on the email that you get with your books.

  • Be sure to print out your books in plenty of time before the session.
  • Check that you are in a good broad band signal area.
  • Turn off sound on TV or radio in your room.
  • Have your books and marker at the ready beside your favourite seat and your all set.
  • Click on the link and the best of luck to you for the evenings game and entertainment.

How do I play Pongo?

Pongo is played in a similar way to bingo. There are 16 numbers on your panel. At the top of each column is there is a colour. The caller will call the colour followed by the number. To win you must have marked off all 16 numbers.

I can’t hear the session / caller?

Click the audio icon to on, on your Zoom screen. Check that your device is not muted or that the sound is not at it lowest. If that doesn’t work, close the meeting and then rejoin. Don’t worry is you miss any numbers, we will validate all winning claims so you can check in with Pery’s by email, phone or text to find out if you have had a win. 

How do I win?

Your online and you have a winning combination so you unmute your mic on your device and call “check”. Pery’s caller will then validate your “check”. Do not worry if you are late or miss the “check” because Pery’s will hold that claim for you to give you time to make your claim.

How do I claim my winnings?

Follow the winning claim instructions on the email that you were sent with your purchase.

What happens the wins that no one claims?

Every win is validated by Pery’s. When a win is not claimed and every effort has been made to contact the winner then Pery’s adds it to a similar game in a subsequent session after a period of 6 months.

What is the prizemoney?

The prizemoney can vary from week to week. The prizemoney is usually posted on Pery’s Bingo Facebook page, on occasion by email or text and on the night during the session.

I think I won but I had technical issues. How do I get my winnings?

Please email with all the info of the game.

what age can I be to play bingo online?

You need to be at least 18 to play Pery’s bingo online.  Play responsibly. Over 18’s.T&C’s apply.